[Global Artist] Carlos Aranha, Canadian painter

정혜미 기자

Carlos Aranha./photo=Aranha

[News Report=Hye Mi Jung] Aranha's work can be found in the permanent collections of museums such as the Korea Haegeumgang Theme Museum, the Korea-Cairo Opera House, the Opera Dominican People's Museum in Cairo in Egypt, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador-Museum Concerts, and the Amila Nano Domingo.

Aranha works on the understanding of nature, environment and humanity. It also expands thinking through culture and travel. It is an alternative approach to art and insight. In this way, he looks at the world from various perspectives and captures the emotions felt in it on the canvas

Guitar, Recycled Organic Sculpture 153cm x 77cm x 51 cm 2015

As an artist, Aranha is always doing her best to respect and protect the ideas and costumes of nature and people. He also helps refine his skills and knowledge by researching, experimenting with new materials and technologies.

Deep interest in art continued to delve into artistic expression styles. He used his spare time to show off his artistic talent.In particular, he focused on installation, sculpture, film and documentary production and music. By focusing his energy on music, he was able to further develop his skills beyond painting. In addition, his musical interpretations influenced his works of art.

The clear and conscious progress made over the years in his work sent a message of hope to everyone's mind. It is also said that the need to deliver the message to the world has made it a way of life as well as his artistic career.

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