[Global Artist] Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan, German painter

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Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan(German)./photo=Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan

[News Report=Hye Mi Jung] Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan was born in Armenia in 1973. She is a professional artist specializing in painting. She studied art from 2016 to 2019 at the Colver Moore Art Academy in Germany.

She is a member of the Union of Artists of Armenia, the PAS Association of Portugal and the GAPi Group of the Netherlands. Her work has been shown at more than 100 international exhibitions including Korea, Portugal, Germany and Russia.

Without title (Detail). Acryl on canvas. 100x120cm. 2019./photo=Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan

For years, she attracts people to German public transport every day. The Bavarian subway 'S-Bahn' is an interesting place with various characters. It's like a symphony of people.

She says painting every day improves her skills and reduces boredom and stress in repeated routines.

Without title (from Portraits series). Acryl on paper. 42x31cm. 2019./photo=Lusine Breitscheidel Sahakyan

She has also collected contemporary art (“Sammlung Breitscheidel” in Fuertstenfeld, Germany) and is a curator of art exhibitions.

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