[Global Artist] Nishtha Pathak, Indian painter

정혜미 기자

Nishtha Pathak(Indian)./photo= Nishtha Pathak

[News Report=Hye Mi Jung]  Nishtha Pathak  is an artist in India. She has painted based in Singapore since 2012.

A computer engineer by education, and an artist by passion, she have received formal art education NAFA and The Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore.

The Jodhpuris, 16.5 x 23 inch, acrylics on canvas 2017./photo= Nishtha Pathak

She always learns by the mindset of the learner. She prefers to experiment with various media, including natural colors, charcoal or oil.

Happy beats, 30 x 30 cm, mixed media on canvas 2018./photo= Nishtha Pathak

Her exhibits were found in private collections in Singapore, Indonesia, India, South Korea and Dubai.

She has a passion for teaching art. She thinks that when children learn art from childhood, it has an overall effect on life.

Innocent Eyes, 30 x 30 cm Acrylics on canvas 2019./photo= Nishtha Pathak

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NEWS REPORT-Congratulations on being included in Global Artist..Nishtha Pathak .. !!
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